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Pillow with Buckwheat

Pillow with Buckwheat

Buckwheat pillows from Homefort manufacturer

Down, feathers and vegetable fillers have been familiar to us for a long time, and the buckwheat husk pillow is an innovation, but it has already shown its best side. Thanks to new substances, the textile has become lighter and more elastic.

The benefits of buckwheat

A pillow with buckwheat husk and its quality depends entirely on its filler, namely the level of processing of raw materials. After all, even the smallest particles of flour can attract insects, which can cause allergic reactions. Thus, the more cleaned the buckwheat husk shell, the more pleasant and comfortable the buckwheat husk pillow and rest on it will be.

A pillow with buckwheat husk, which you can buy in our online store, is a textile product made from an environmentally friendly filler. The subject of a berth is perfect for both healthy people and those who are constantly bothered by back pain and headaches.

The buckwheat pillow has a flexible function, therefore it makes it possible to form a comfortable depression for each person individually. The textile product ensures even blood flow, which helps your body to completely relax and fall asleep.

Why did you choose buckwheat?

 A buckwheat pillow surprises many people with its name and filler. Indeed, it is worth pondering why this particular raw material. Buckwheat husk is characterized by an unusual shape and structure. These are "pyramids" of small size, hollow from the inside. The grains, due to their non-standard shape, are loosely placed among themselves, as a result of which they create lightness and airiness.

A properly processed buckwheat pillow will be elastic, since under any pressure on the textile product, its filler will not crack and be damaged. This is the secret of the success of this material. The buckwheat pillow has the following main features:

- naturalness and environmental friendliness;

- anatomy;

- excellent thermal conductivity and ventilation;

- the ability to adjust the height of the product.

To minimize pain in the head and cervical spine, you just need to buy a buckwheat husk pillow . The textile product will also help against insomnia. If you are a fan of sleeping on your side, then the buckwheat pillow will be an ideal option for you, since due to its elasticity, the bedding does not form sides and does not block your nose and mouth during sleep.

We are waiting for you in our "Homefort" online store to give you a pleasant and restful sleep!

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