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Down pillows and feather

Down pillows and feather

Homefort down and feather pillows

There are many synthetic bedding sets available today, but the down pillow continues to be popular and in demand as well. Thanks to such a textile product in the morning you will wake up vigorous and in a good mood. Bedding with natural fillers does not cause allergic reactions, as it undergoes a long and thorough processing. Therefore, you can safely purchase feather pillows in our Homefort online store!

Advantages of textiles

It is worth buying a down pillow only because, first of all, it has many different advantages. Down-feather textiles will provide you with the most comfortable sleep, because they have the following features:

- excellent absorbency and drying;

- the ability to freely circulate air from the inside;

- environmental friendliness and naturalness;

- softness and lightness;

- the ability to instantly recover its shape after compression.

Feather pillow 70x70, the price of which on our website will pleasantly surprise you, is like a memory from childhood. After all, all the children slept on these and put them in a pyramid.

The difference between fluff and feather

Down pillow will appeal to those who like to fall asleep and "drown" in bedding, as if in a cloud. This type of textile is characterized by increased softness. The fluffs are shaped like a ball. They are durable, resilient and flexible.

The feather pillow is intended for those who like to rest on a tougher textile product. This element of the bed is lush until the moment you put your head on it. During sleep, feather pillows lose their shape and become flatter.

Due to the natural filling , feather pillows have excellent thermal insulation properties. Thus, the air circulates calmly throughout the product, so it is not hot in summer, and warm enough in winter.

Down pillow 50x70 corresponds to the quality if it does not have fluff sticking out from the seams or cover. If you press on the element of the bed, then the restoration of its shape to its original form should take no more than three minutes, and in half a minute - return 70% of the volume.

The Alex-MV textile company invites you to buy quality feather and down pillows from the manufacturer at great prices!

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"The Wonder tree" an exclusive collection.
"The Wonder tree" is the result of many years of development of the "sleep Laboratory" at the textile Corporation "Alex MV".
"The Wonder tree" an exclusive collection.