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Mattresses wadded

Mattresses wadded

Homefort cotton mattresses

Today, there are many varieties of bed fillers, but most people choose a cotton mattress . This is a classic option in the world of bedding. This textile product attracts with its low cost and familiarity. The online store "Homefort" keeps up with the times, but does not deviate from standard things either. Therefore, if you want to buy a cotton mattress from the manufacturer , we will be happy to help you!

Product features

Cotton wool material has many advantages, so double wadded mattresses are still popular. The main advantages of a textile product include:

- naturalness;

- increased strength and wear resistance;

- the ability to take shape and all the curves of the body;

- hygroscopicity (not at all afraid of moisture, absorbs it well);

- resistance to sunlight;

- low weight.

Also, the main features include the fact that a cotton mattress 180x200 can be rolled into a roll without any problems. For example, if this textile product is used as a guest option or a sleeping place in the country. Thus, you can buy a wadded mattress that will not take up much space, is easily transported and hides in a wardrobe or sofa niche.

Care and storage

Wadded mattress 80x190 and other sizes are not at all picky in care, operation and storage. It is undesirable to store all textiles in damp and unventilated rooms. For the safety and accuracy of using wadded mattresses, the price of which will pleasantly surprise you, there are mattress toppers.

A home vacuum cleaner will help to clean the object of textiles from dust, and you can remove dirt from the surface using a regular soap solution. In the latter case, a wadded mattress 120x190 will require thorough drying. This is another factor in purchasing a special textile cover.

If water gets on the surface, just soak a cotton mattress 90x190 with a moisture-absorbing napkin. Do not cover any textiles on top with other materials until they are completely dry.

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"The Wonder tree" an exclusive collection.
"The Wonder tree" is the result of many years of development of the "sleep Laboratory" at the textile Corporation "Alex MV".
"The Wonder tree" an exclusive collection.