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Latex orthopedic mattresses

Latex orthopedic mattresses

Homefort natural latex mattresses

Orthopedic mattresses made of natural latex are gradually beginning to conquer the textile market for sleeping, even orthopedists advise their use. Experts say that this is one of the highest quality and most comfortable textile items from the point of view of medicine. These products perfectly support the spine in the correct position, as well as have elasticity, durability, breathe well and do not collect dust.

Feature material

Our online store "Homefort" offers you a latex mattress "New York", which provide increased comfort, fully adapt to your body and take the desired shape. The orthopedic surface is distinguished by the fact that the product does not heat up during sleep, so you will not be too hot or too cold, which is important enough for a good rest.

In the modern world, latex has become even more widely used in the production of textiles. It is recycled rubber tree sap - a material with unique characteristics. There are at least six reasons why you should buy a latex mattress:

- excellent firmness and elasticity - the latex mattress quickly returns to shape after deformation, and also guarantees proper support for the spine;

- hypoallergenic and hygienic - this material does not apply to the environment where microorganisms can multiply. It is moisture resistant and breathable;

- long service life - you will be surprised how durable a springless latex mattress can be;

- easy maintenance - these textile elements of the bed do not require thorough cleaning; all that is needed is just to wash the cover;

- anatomy - mattresses made of natural latex, the price of which in our online store will pleasantly surprise you, instantly adapt to the sleeping person, correctly distribute the load on the body and support every centimeter;

- a latex mattress, thin or more dense, is not afraid of any transportation, it easily twists and after a while takes back its original shape.

How to choose?

Before you buy a natural latex mattress, you need to consider the following factors:

1. The latex surface of orthopedic textiles is soft, elastic, and rigid. This criterion is most often determined based on weight categories and physiological characteristics of a person.

2. The parameters of the product must exactly match the inner perimeter of the bed. If you do not take this factor into account right away when buying, then the mattress with latex will slide along the lamellas, thereby quickly wearing out.

3. All elements of textiles for a berth must be in a special cover, and a natural latex mattress is no exception. This will protect you from premature dry cleaning.

Due to its porous structure, the Junior-New York natural latex mattress is characterized by excellent ventilation properties, in other words, the product “breathes” freely.

Latex care

Latex orthopedic mattresses are a godsend for every housewife. These beddings are so easy to clean that you will not spend a lot of your time and energy on caring for the product. It's not at all scary if your child spills something or puts a stain on a latex mattress, which you can buy in our Homefort online store. The textile product is not afraid of water, and a wide variety of stains are rubbed off with a small amount of detergent applied to a sponge. Be sure to follow the care instructions found on the labels of the textiles.

Consult the experts on our website before buying a latex topper. They will tell you how to choose the right size and filling of a textile product. It is also recommended to choose a latex mattress and its composition according to your physiological characteristics: if you sleep on your side - your version of textiles with a predominance of latex, and for those who like to sleep on their backs there are mixed compositions with coconut.

An excellent option would be a New York mattress. It is with him that you will feel complete relaxation and the long-awaited sound sleep without awakening. You will be able to make sure of this very soon, because placing an order in one click will help you quickly purchase the textile product of your dreams!