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Down blankets and feather

Down blankets and feather

Homefort down and feather duvets

High-quality textiles, which also include a duvet , will help create a good atmosphere for sleeping. These products retain heat well and guarantee effective thermoregulation. In most cases, textile bedspreads are filled with goose or duck down. Find duvets from the manufacturer at a low price can be found in our online store "Homefort".

How to decide on a filler?

Before you buy a duvet , read the information on fillers and materials. Some of the most popular fillers that differ in heat transfer, cost and weight are:

1. Duck. Down, which is famous for its low price, but loses in that it has a heavy weight and stiff axes of fluff.

2. Goose down. A blanket made from this filler is of higher quality and lightweight than the previous version. Soft fluffs have high thermal properties.

3. Eider. This type of down belongs to expensive fillers and is not always found on the market at the best price.

You can also see textiles made from "swan" down, but they are not natural, they are more synthetic fiber.

Buy a quality blanket

One of the criteria for buying a natural duvet is lightness. These textiles are characterized by low weight, so they are practically not felt on the body during sleep.

The second sign by which you need to buy a quality duvet is durability. If you properly care for a piece of textiles, then its operational ability can pleasantly surprise you. Sleeping accessories of high quality do not lose their properties and original appearance.

It is best to choose natural materials from which the covers are made. They breathe well, but they also do not let the fluff out. A satin duvet is considered the best option for those who cannot tolerate the pressure and heaviness while sleeping. This type of bedspread will not only warm and ensure a sound sleep, but also decorate the sleeping place. To keep the shape and airiness, you need to periodically beat the duvet 200x220 and take it out into the fresh air. It is not recommended to sit or lie on the textile for a long time.

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"The Wonder tree" an exclusive collection.
"The Wonder tree" is the result of many years of development of the "sleep Laboratory" at the textile Corporation "Alex MV".
"The Wonder tree" an exclusive collection.