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Bed linens

Buy bed linen from the manufacturer

Linens Homefort - for those who value quality, natural materials and comfortable sleep. This textile is individual, your mood and well-being depends on it. Someone loves bright pillowcases and sheets with unusual prints and designs, while someone rejoices and is inspired by pastel shades and clear lines in their sleeping place. You can buy bed linen of your choice in our Homefort online store. We create high-quality textile products, so we guarantee you a comfortable and healthy sleep.

How to choose bed linen?

Our bedding store presents a large selection of textiles that can surprise you with the quality of materials and unique colors. When purchasing pillowcases, sheets and duvet covers, pay attention not only to their aesthetic appearance, size and cost, but also to the quality of the fabric and composition. Our bed linen from the manufacturer can be from the following materials:

1. Cotton 100%. It is one of the most versatile and affordable fabrics available. Due to its environmental friendliness and excellent performance characteristics, Euro cotton bedding is considered the market leader.

2. Calico is a type of cotton fabric that in most cases does not need care. Coarse calico bedding can withstand a huge number of washings without problems and at the same time will not lose its appearance.

3. Polyester is a synthetic fabric that is made from polyester fibers. One-and-a-half bed linen made of this material resembles wool in sensation and appearance, and has a similarity to cotton in properties.

4. Polycotton is defined as an innovative and high-tech material for making home textiles. This fabric is a combination of natural cotton and synthetic fibers, namely polyester.

The online store of bed linen "Homefort" takes care of the duration and safety of your sleep, therefore, it always provides high-quality textile products. Remember to take into account the exact dimensions of your bed to help you sleep and wake up comfortably.

Bright bed linen is a guarantee of a cheerful morning and good mood

Have you noticed how colorful double bedding can give you an energy boost in the morning? Create a cozy interior design for your bedroom, starting with the smallest details. Today, the variety of colors and prints of bedding allows you to create a pleasant atmosphere for sleep and relaxation.

Therefore, if you need to buy bedding , make your choice correct, which will be in harmony with the design of the bedroom. Unusual designs on pillowcases and duvet covers are gaining popularity every day, regardless of the fact that these are adult or child elements of a sleeping place. Here you will find high-quality bedding , namely the one that withstands many washes, does not lose its softness, smoothness and richness of colors in the patterns.

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"The Wonder tree" an exclusive collection.
"The Wonder tree" is the result of many years of development of the "sleep Laboratory" at the textile Corporation "Alex MV".
"The Wonder tree" an exclusive collection.